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Pre-job meeting

There shall be a pre-job meeting with contractor after award of contract in which following points shall be discussed and clarified by OMIFCO:

  • Date and arrangement for orientation of contractor personnel
  • Completion of pre-job requirements
  • OMIFCO Contractor Administrator


OMIFCO Standard General Terms and Conditions for Tender/RFQ & Order/Contract


Expires on 31-October-18

AMC for CO2 Fire Protection & Gas Dedection System of Gas Turbine

Expires on 28-November-18

Advocacy & legal Consultancy

Expires on 30-November-18

AMC for Security System Services

Expires on 05-December-18

Adminstrative & Messengers Contract

Expires on 14-December-18

Marine Environmental & Ecology Survey Consultancy

Expires on 31-December-18

Cleaning Services Contract

Expires on 05-January-19

Drivers Contract

Expires on 06-February-19

Service Contract for Custom Clearing, Freight & Forwarding /Transport Agent for Three Years.

Expires on 08-February-19

McAfee Licenses & Support.

Expires on 13-March-19

Supply of laminated PP/HDPE Urea Bags 50Kg Capacity

Expires on 14-April-19

ARC for Pest Control

Expires on 30-June-19

Documentation for exporting Urea & Ammonia